Window blinds are offered in a variety of material, design and system.

If you are looking out for a solution for cutting out all the outside light in your room, window blinds are the smartest choice. That’s because blinds, constructed from a variety of materials like wood, faux wood, plastics or metal; synthetic or natural – may be operated in two different ways to control the light according to your desire: Raise them for a full view, or lower the blinds for privacy; or you can swivel the blind-slats to adjust the amount of light coming in through the windows. Our technology-efficient blinds offer these same advantages, and the extra energy-saving benefits of the honeycomb cell construction. And like all Innovations custom window coverings, our window blinds are crafted to fit your windows precisely. So they don’t just look better, they are significantly ahead than off-the-shelf styles! They insulate better as well.

An exclusive showroom with a wide range of blinds is being dedicated at Innovations. Blinds of antique collection to the most sophisticated and automated blinds, can be found here.Blinds offer unparalleled choice in window beautification, whether you choose Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds. The colors and weaves available are vast and offer a wide variety of choice. Some special fabrics such as Screen fabrics are designed to allow light in a controlled manner while giving uniform and clear appearance. We also have specialized technical fabrics such as fiber grass fabrics, screen fabrics, silver backing, fire-proof fabrics and complete blackout fabrics, in variety of colors choose from. In fact, Roller Blinds can be motorized as per convenience.

Types of Blinds

  • Roller
  • Roman
  • Venetians
  • Wood venetians
  • Verticals
  • Pleated
  • Honeycomb
  • Panels
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