Innovations offer a wide range of curtain rods. These can be further classified as window curtain rods, drapery rods and so on. Innovation houses the best curtain hardware for every style of curtain and window. Be assured of the quality and value! We offer the best possible solution for your needs. You can choose from a wide array of curtain rods based on materials and finishes. Also you can choose according to the ornamental value or governed by a simple functionality. At Innovations, we also customize curtain rods to the customer’s demand.

Quality is something we keep in mind because we believe in delivering the best. Our curtain rods are strong, sturdy, easily mountable, and can be fitted to any window, door or kitchen door. In case, you want automatic fitting apparatus, you need not look any further. Innovations are where your dreams come to life.

Types of Rods

  • Spring Pressure / Tension rod
  • Traverse rod
  • Flat metal rod
  • Cornice rod
  • Decorative rods
  • Customized
  • Standard rods
  • Magnetic rods
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